Freeze Pipe Mini Rig

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Experience the chill of maximum glycerin cooling power with the Freeze Pipe Mini Rig, a compact and innovative smoking accessory designed for unmatched smoothness, flavor, and comfort. Utilizing a fab-egg design for increased air flow, this mini rig is packed with features that enhance your experience. The integrated bottom percolator chamber initiates filtration, while connecting arms keep smoke and water in constant motion between chambers. The result? Hot smoke meets cool, cleansing water for an unbeatable smoking experience. Despite its pocket-sized package, the Freeze Pipe Mini Rig stands at 6" tall without the glycerin coil. It's designed to intensify the cooling power of your smoke session, and the domed walls minimize internal volume for peak flavor purity - virtually no stale air can linger in this piece. A wide, thick base ensures stability, even when clumsy friends are around or when using heavy attachments. Included with the rig is a premium core reactor quartz banger and a 14mm joint. But what takes this mini rig to a higher level is the unique glycerin coil. Glycerin, a non-toxic fatty gel often used in food and sweeteners, cools to freezing temperatures faster than water and stays cold for longer. It won't expand or contract like water, placing no added pressure on the glass. Simply pop it into the freezer for an hour, and it's ready to supercool your smoke when you are. Operating the Freeze Pipe Mini Rig is straightforward. Start by placing the glycerin chamber in the freezer for at least one hour, though leaving it longer, or even storing it there, won't harm it. Once chilled, connect the joints of the glycerin chamber and the base. Position the included black clip on the joint, and gently press it into place. The adventure of ultra-cool dabbing then awaits. The Freeze Pipe Mini Rig doesn't just raise your dabbing game. Offering technology and design in one, it ensures a chilled, smoother, and more flavorful experience, each time.
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