G Pen Roam - Portable E-Rig Vaporizer

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Unveiling the portable E-Rig phenomenon, the G Pen Roam. Engineered meticulously, this all-inclusive, portable vaporizer showcases a sleek design aimed at providing an on-the-move experience of water-filtered concentrate vaporization. Its key qualities include a foolproof, independent borosilicate glass hydrotube and a crucial Quartz tank, reinforced by a formidable 1,300mAh Lithium-Ion Battery. Celebrating swift performance, the G Pen Roam Vaporizer rapidly heats to your desired temperature, delivering a tasteful and smooth inhalation effortlessly. With the user in sight, the G Pen Roam customizes each vaping session to match flavor and heat inclinations with its digital temperature control and bright LED display offering a temperature spectrum of 400° - 800°+F (204° - 427°+C). The advanced haptic feedback feature signifies when your device is prepared for use. Prioritizing discreet portability, the Roam is enveloped within a feather-light yet robust aluminum alloy shell, securing the Quartz tank and glass water tube. The cutting-edge Passthrough technology extends the potential to use the device while it is connected to a power source. All elements linked to the vapor air path can be effortlessly taken apart and cleaned. Offered as a regular feature with every G Pen Roam complete set, is a Hemp Travel Case. Designed spaciously to house two concentrates jars and a pocket dedicated for accessories such as a micro USB Charging Cable and a unique G Pen Tool for easy loading of concentrates. Embrace the unrivaled vaping experience with the convenient and potent G Pen Roam - Your ultimate portable E-Rig Vaporizer.
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