Glass Honey Dab Straw - 6.5"" / Colors Vary

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Discover the vibrant and stylish Glass Honey Dab Straw - 6.5", which comes in a mix of assorted accent colors. Not sure what color you'll get? That's part of the fun! The color of your Glass Honey Dab Straw may vary, giving you an exciting surprise when you receive your order. The singular design of this 6.5" glass dab straw immediately captures attention, while also adding an element of elegance and sophistication to your smoking experience. It doesn't stop there - the cleverly designed built-in feet keep your straw stable when not in use. This feature adds convenience and functionality to this must-have smoking accessory. Crafted to perfection, the Glass Honey Dab Straw promises a high-quality, memorable dabbing experience. Embrace the touch of color and sophistication this glass dab straw adds to your smoking setup.
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