Glow Bee Silicone Vapor Straw Titanium Tip-4.25""/Colors Vary

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Meet our Glow Bee Silicone Vapor Straw with a Titanium Tip. This trending, easy-to-use vapor straw stands at 4.25 inches long and sports a compact 3-inch silicone straw. Crafted with a tough and durable 10mm titanium tip, this vibrant and versatile straw ensures a seamless, high-quality vaping experience every time. But what truly makes it unique is the enchanting glowing bee design - the perfect blend of fun and function, adding a little magic to your daily routine. The thoughtful design also sees the titanium tip nestle snugly within the body of the straw when not in use, making it safe and convenient. Plus, our Glow Bee Vapor Straw comes in various colors, so you have the option to choose one that best suits your style. So why wait? Be the buzz of the party with our Glow Bee Silicone Vapor Straw!
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