Gold Fumed Vortex Quartz Banger Set - 90D/14mm M

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Introducing our Gold Fumed Vortex Quartz Banger Set - 90D/14mm M – a must-have for any serious cannabis connoisseur. This unique set features four high-quality pieces designed to deliver a superior smoking experience. Built to impress, it comes with a 14mm male banger that's perfect size for most glass rig setups. The flat top banger design easily accommodates your favorite concentrates, and it's complemented by an impressively engineered vortex style carb cap. This design ensures you get the most out of every puff, creating the perfect environment for vaporizing your products. Still not enough? We've tossed in two terp pearls designed to enhance each draw. No need to worry about connection compatibility too! The set also includes 90-degree slide joints, ensuring a secure fit with glass water pipes or bongs to maximize airflow and flavor. To finish off the look, each piece is embossed with a gold fumed pattern design, offering a nod to classic techniques while giving an aesthetic upgrade to your collection. With this set, you're not just investing in functionality but also the beauty it brings to your smoking sessions. In simple words, the Gold Fumed Vortex Quartz Banger Set - 90D/14mm M is more than just a smoking accessory - it's a mark of quality, style, and high-end smoking experience. Get yours today!
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