GRAV 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger

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Step up your dabbing game with our GRAV 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger! This top-notch banger is made of 100% quartz, which makes it three times thicker than your average banger. Why does thickness matter? Well, the thicker the banger, the better it retains heat. This saves you time and energy since you don't have to reheat it often. But the awesomeness doesn't end there! The GRAV banger also features a seamless design. This design is not just for show – it actually helps trap heat better and maintain the temperature for a longer period of time. Plus, it gives the banger a smooth and cool look. Speaking of look, this banger has a fully worked connection between the bucket and the neck. This connection not only enhances the overall strength of the banger, but it also adds to its sleek and seamless appearance. Here’s the twist: our GRAV banger comes with a 45-degree curve. This feature makes dabbing a whole lot easier, especially if your rig has an angled downstem. So, whether you're a typical dab enthusiast or someone who enjoys an uncommon angled banger for their rig, the GRAV 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger is your go-to buddy for a enhanced dabbing experience.
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