GRAV 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger Kit

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Introducing our GRAV 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger Kit, specifically designed to enhance your dabbing experience. It is equipped with a unique 14mm flat-top banger which is made entirely of 100% quartz - ranking it higher in terms of strength, heat retention, and distribution than the standard bangers. The seamless design of the product ensures a strikingly even heat spread, enhancing its overall performance. This exceptional kit includes a banger that is 3x thicker, promising longer heat retention time. The design ensures that the thickness creates an even heat distribution, keeping your product at the right temperature for an extended period. To elevate your experience, this kit proudly partners with the GRAV® Yoyo Carb Cap. This beauty performs the dual function of maintaining the desired temperature and modifying the airflow to improve convection. This ensures that each use results in better quality dab hits, offering an unrivaled experience. But, the extras don't stop here. Each banger in the kit comes paired with three quartz inserts, providing a practical and valuable addition. These inserts play an essential role in keeping your banger clean and are ideal for achieving super smooth low-temperature dabs. Get ready to enjoy a refined dabbing experience with our GRAV 14mm 45deg Seamless Quartz Banger Kit. It promises durability, smoother hits, and an all-around enhanced dabbing time.
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