GRAV Globe Bubbler - Smoke

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Experience the premium clarity of your smoking session with the distinctive GRAV Globe Bubbler in Smoke - a remarkable piece available exclusively on GRAV.COM. This meticulously crafted smoking accessory features a large spherical structure, housing an innovative inverted trumpet perc. The perc deftly disperses smoke through its 10 distinct holes, utilizing minimal water for maximum effect. The elegant design aesthetics of the GRAV Globe Bubbler are characterized by its exotic smoke-colored glass. The glass layers form a unique gradient, rendering a captivating grey-green hue that seamlessly transitions from the outer sphere to the middle perc and into the conical push-in. Each puff you take offers flavorful and intense hits, capturing the complete essence of your preferred flower. The GRAV Globe Bubbler also provides the flexibility of usage. You can further enhance your experience by integrating a 14mm banger, making it suitable for concentrates. So let the GRAV Globe Bubbler in Smoke elevate your smoking sessions, and guide you to a realm of tranquility and crystal clarity.
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