GRAV Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish

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Introduce the GRAV Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish, a must-have for new and seasoned dab enthusiasts. This simple, solid quartz vapor straw simplifies dabbing while ensuring you get a reliable experience every single time. With a unique tapered cone end and a comfy mouthpiece, this vape straw is designed for your ultimate comfort and convenience. Not a fan of high heat? Don't worry! The GRAV Quartz Vape Straw heats efficiently and only requires a low setting on a pen lighter or regular torch. Its quick heating feature will amaze you, as it just takes a few seconds until you can enjoy that delightful hit. Get ready to start dabbing with the included durable borosilicate dab dish. Its heavy-weight design makes it easy to handle and great to use with the vape straw. Plus, it's perfectly sized to hold your dabs, paving the way for hassle-free and full-flavored dab sessions. One unique feature you'll love about our quartz straw is its smart design that prevents it from rolling. It's a brilliant alternative when you're on-the-go and can't carry a rig. Use it as a dip and sip venture. What more could you ask for in a vape straw? Try the GRAV Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish today and enjoy the next level of dabbing convenience and quality!
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