GRAV Yo-yo Carb Cap

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The GRAV Yo-yo Carb Cap is marvelously crafted by world-renowned glass blower, Micah Evans. Perfect for adding a touch of class to any rig or daily driver, it's an ideal choice for dab enthusiasts. This exceptional carb cap, recognised for its signature shape, amplifies the quality of your concentrates. The secret lies in its ability to improve and control the heat during your dabbing sessions. By holding in the heat, you can move this Yo-yo Carb Cap around, changing the airflow direction. This propels a better convection system, especially at lower temperatures. So, you get milky white hits that are packed with flavor and silky smooth. With the GRAV Yo-yo Carb Cap, experience an enhanced dabbing journey that is unrivalled for its smooth draws and remarkable control.
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