Haze Maker Bubbler Dab Straw - 5.5""/Colors Vary

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Experience a new, elevated way to dab with the Haze Maker Bubbler Dab Straw. Boasting an ideal size of 5.5 inches long, this bubbler dab straw is convenient to carry and perfect for discreet use. The outstanding feature of this dab straw is its much-celebrated showerhead percolator that guarantees a smooth and refreshing dabbing experience every time. Every puff you take is filtered, cooled, and diffused to perfection, providing incredibly smooth hits that maximise the potency and flavours of your various concentrates. Our dab straw also spotlights a fixed dab tip ensuring safety and ease-of-use. Not to mention, it’s beautifully accented by a spiral stripe that radiates a sense of style and finesse. Plus, with colors varying, you'll have the chance to own a bubbler dab straw that unique and eye-catching. So get your hands on the Haze Maker Bubbler Dab Straw - where each piece is not just an instrument, but a piece of art.
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