High Society / Astara Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig (Blue)

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Discover the harmonious blend of uniqueness and simplicity with the High Society / Astara Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig (Blue). This all-American, handcrafted concentrate apparatus from Astara comes with a distinctive NorthStar US wig-wag banger hanger design and a fixed 4-slit perc, geared for flawless functionality. Built with concentrates in mind, its smaller size and decreased percolation deliver admirable terpene visibility. The product features our top-tier etched quartz banger, The Sol, known for extraordinary flavor clarity and prolific vapor production, ideal for low-temperature use. Each Astara Rig is bundled with one of our exclusive Cosmic bubble caps, which when used with The Sol banger, assures a thick, creamy rip every single time. The renowned Aelia collection is curated prioritizing functionality, ensuring a balanced blend of air, water, and percolation for the most desirable terpene profiles and an incredibly smooth experience. Astara's simplified 4-slit perc system signifies the essence of minimalism. Constructed from 5mm thick German Schott clear glass coupled with colored glass by NorthStar USA, the aesthetics of Astara reflect a playful and bold wave design that is destined to turn heads. This Drum-Nail fused rig stands at 7.5 inches in height, facilitating a 14mm female downstem and comes with a premium etched HS Sol Banger accompanied by a premium Wig Wag HS Carb Cap. Astara is not just a product; it's an elegant piece of craftsmanship that can elevate your herb consumption experience for many years to come. This is not a tobacco product and is designed for use with legal smoking herbs only. Immerse yourself in the High Society; fire up the nail, take a deep breath, and enjoy Astara!
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