High Society / Centauri Premium Wig Wag Hybrid Pipe (Black Rainbow)

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Embark on a celestial journey with the High Society / Centauri Premium Wig Wag Hybrid Pipe (Black Rainbow)! Adorned with luminous German Schott Glass and vibrant NorthStar color glass from the USA, this hybrid water pipe is every smoker's dream come true. Its aesthetically pleasing sake bottle styled tube and unique Centauri feature create a refined and captivating smoker's piece. The Centauri is equipped with a durable, reinforced, slitted dome percolator that provides exceptional filtration fit for both herbs and concentrates, giving you the much-coveted, perfect blend of both worlds. Included in the package are premium accessories including our flagship etched quartz banger, The Sol, adored for its superior flavor clarity and efficient vapor production, setting the stage for amazing low temp usage. Furthermore, your Centauri comes with a Cosmic bubble cap, ensuring your Sol banger delivers incredibly milky rips consistently. And let's not forget about the ultra-cool Nebula bowl, specially designed for use with legal dry herbs. These substantially thick wig-wag bowls have remarkable capacity, holding upto .75 grams of herb, satisfying even the most passionate smokers. A standout among the Aelia Collection pipes, Centauri's design is rooted in the science of smoking, ensuring it delivers an outstanding experience with both concentrates and dry materials. Remember, the quality of your material is directly influenced by the vessel in which you consume it, and we assure the Centauri is exceptional. With its 9.5" stature, 7mm thickness, and 14mm female downstem, the Centauri is resilient, eye catching, and easy to use. The addition of NorthStar USA color glass adds a burst of personality that will certainly make you stand out. Welcome to our High Society family with the Centauri Hybrid Pipe - it's time to elevate your smoking experience and blaze new trails! This product is catered for non-tobacco use and meant exclusively for legal smoking herbs. Dive into the seamless fusion of style and functionality, making the Centauri Hybrid Pipe your companion for years to come. Let the exploration begin. Welcome to the High Society fam - let's blaze!
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