High Society / Centauri Premium Wig Wag Hybrid Pipe (White Rainbow)

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Embark on a stellar journey with the High Society / Centauri Premium Wig Wag Hybrid Pipe (White Rainbow)! This elegantly-crafted hybrid water pipe captures a celestial theme, featuring a luminous, sake bottle-style design complemented by clear German Schott Glass and colorful NorthStar USA-made glass. Engineered with a fixed and reinforced slitted dome perc, the Centauri provides remarkable filtration suitable for both herbs and concentrates. This premium water pipe comes with everything you need for a versatile and elevated smoking experience. It's uniquely designed to cater for the best of both worlds- herbs and concentrates. The Centauri pipe is equipped with our flagship etched quartz banger, The Sol, known for its superior flavor clarity and vapor production, optimized for low-temperature use. To enhance your smoking pleasure further, we've included our Cosmic bubble cap. When combined with the Sol banger, you can expect super milky rips every session. This package also contains an incredibly thick Nebula bowl, designed specifically for use with dried legal smoking herbs. Holding up to .75 grams of herb, this bowl will impress even the most experienced herb connoisseur. The Centauri water pipe, part of our renowned Aelia Collection, is guided by a scientific approach to smoking. Designed to provide a peerless experience with both concentrates and dried material, this hybrid pipe represents a significant advancement in smoking. Remember, the craft you choose for your material is as significant as the material itself. Undoubtedly, Centauri stands out as an extraordinary piece in this series. Crafted with great care, we hope your captivating journey with the High Society / Centauri Premium Wig Wag Hybrid Pipe (White Rainbow) endures for years to come. Welcome aboard, now let's light up and elevate to the High Society! Specifications: -Height: 9.5"" -Thickness: 7mm -14mm Female Downstem -Clear German Schott Glass -Color Glass by NorthStar USA -Fixed & Reinforced Slitted Dome Percolator  -Inclusions: Premium Nebula Bowl, Premium Etched HS Sol Banger, Premium Wig Wag HS Carb Cap -Not a tobacco product. For use with legal smoking herbs only.
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