High Society - Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig (Blue/Yellow)

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Experience the epitome of elevated smoking experiences with the High Society - Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig. Our flagship Tulu concentrate rig takes your sessions out of this world with its otherworldly design and exceptional features. Each Tulu is crafted by hand, using luminous clear German Schott Glass combined with vibrant USA-made NorthStar color glass. This accentuates the unique aesthetics, ensuring a stylish addition to your collection. What sets us apart is the NorthStar Onyx Chibi Cthulhu pendy attached at the rear end of the pipe, infusing each piece with a wealth of personality and a dash of Lovecraftian mystique. Coupled with a fixed and reinforced shower head perc, the Tulu Rig guarantees optimal percolation cooling your vapor while preserving the integrity of your terpenes. The Tulu Rig comes bundled with our flagship etched quartz banger, The Sol, ensuring unmatched flavor clarity and remarkable vapor production. Ideal for low-temperature sessions, The Sol is paired with our distinctive Cosmic bubble cap. Together, they offer super milky rips, every single time. As part of our Aelia Collection, the Tulu Rig embodies functional design. When using concentrate, more water and air could compromise your terpenes. Hence, our concentrate rigs are engineered considering this factor - maintaining just the right balance of air, water, and percolation for the most optimal terpene profiles and perfect smoothness. Measuring 8"" tall and featuring a 14mm female downstem, the Tulu Rig is our flagship concentrate rig and with good reason - it's built to perform. Coupled with a unique Onyx Tulu Pendy on each rig and a premium HS Carb Cap, the quality it provides is simply unbeatable. Though this product is not intended for tobacco use, it is excellent for use with legal smoking herbs. We welcome you to the High Society family with this outstanding piece. Let's light the nail and immerse in the unparalleled experience the High Society - Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig has to offer. Enjoy years of exceptional smoking sessions with Tulu. Cheers!
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