High Society - Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig (Red & Black)

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Immerse yourself in the enigmatic allure of the "High Society - Tulu Premium Wig Wag Concentrate Rig (Red & Black)." This pinnacle concentrate apparatus, handcrafted from luminous clear German Schott Glass combined with color glass exclusively produced in the USA by NorthStar, embodies a fusion of dazzling aesthetics and stellar craftsmanship. Possessing an enigmatic charm, each Tulu Rig is meticulously embellished with a NorthStar Onyx Chibi Cthulhu pendy, adding a dash of Lovecraftian allure to its design. This captivating rig carries a sturdy and fixed shower head perc, efficaciously engineered to deliver an optimal level of percolation. This superlative feature ensures a sublime balance between vapor cooling and terpene preservation, delivering an unmatched smoking experience. Your smoke sessions are further enhanced by our premier quartz banger, The Sol, renowned for exceptional flavor clarity and vapor production, making it the ideal companion for low temp use. The Tulu Rig is part of our esteemed Aelia Collection, where functionality takes center stage. We understand that excessive water and air can be detrimental to your concentrates' terpenes. Our concentrate apparatus ensures just the right mix of air, water, and percolation, setting the stage for a smooth, flavourful smoke session with exquisite terp profiles. What's more, each Tulu Rig is reinforced with a Wig Wag UFO Perc and wears a unique Onyx Tulu Pendy, projecting a bolder aesthetic appeal. Included in your Tulu Rig package are our special Cosmic bubble caps pair perfectly with the Sol banger, guaranteeing ultra-creamy rips with every use. Standing at a perfect 8"" height, 7mm thick, with a 14mm female downstem, the Tulu Rig is an imposing piece constructed with sheer precision and luxury. We're confident you'd cherish the Tulu Rig for years, meeting your smoking sessions with unmatched enthusiasm. While it's not a tobacco product, it serves splendidly for use with legal smoking herbs only. Set the nail alight, inhale, and welcome to the High Society experience!
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