Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig

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Experience top-notch performance with the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig—specially constructed in the USA to meet your concentrate water filtration needs. Boasting superior craftsmanship, this highly durable rig features a structure composed of premium, medical-grade borosilicate glass, guaranteeing long-lasting and efficient service. Further enhancing the experience, the Heavy Duty Rig sports a finely engineered quartz banger, skillfully designed to deliver optimal flavor transmission. Experience smooth draws thanks to the perfectly diffused stem adorned with slits. These ingenious slits play a pivotal role in the formation of fine bubbles, leading to unparalleled airflow and ensuring an airtight seal when in use. Adding to this rig's appeal is its handy, reversible collector's case. Not only can it be used multiple times, but it also ensures that your rig is safely kept, making its transportation easy and worry-free. Accompanying the purchase of each Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig is a 14-millimeter quartz banger, a high-quality silicone concentrate container, and a set of practical tools—large and small—for added convenience. Key features of the product include an inline percolator, 7mm thickness for better durability, along with the superior flavor transfer and superior airflow. Add the Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig to your collection for a more refined and reliable concentrate consumption experience.
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