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Introducing the Honey Hive Bubble Carb Cap, the perfect upgrade for your dabbing setup. Made from sturdy glass, this carb cap offers both the bubble and spinner capabilities, giving you a world of options for your sessions. Can't decide between a bubble carb cap and a spinner carb cap? With the Honey Hive Bubble Carb Cap, you won't have to! This innovative creation combines the best of both styles, ensuring you get the most from your concentrate, whether it's a big glob or small cold start dab. But, keep in mind, this unique carb cap isn't universally compatible. Its bubble part is identical to the Honey Bubble Carb Cap. However, the spout, which gives the Honey Hive its signature spin, is a larger 16mm in diameter. So, it's best suited for buckets larger than 18mm. It pairs exceptionally well with the Honey Mug and the Honey and Milk Bevel. Thanks to the Bubble Hive spinner airflow design, you can pair this cap with a set of terp pearls for maximum heat retention. The bubble design of the cap allows for easy movement, so you can direct airflow with ease. This multi-use design lets you use the cap with or without terp pearls. The Honey Hive Bubble Carb Cap doesn't just spin those terps, it directs the air too. Its auto spin feature and a large 30mm outer diameter make it a superb choice for those who seek undisputed control in their dabbing experience. Take your setup to the next level with the Honey Hive Bubble Carb Cap, the versatile and dynamic must-have for every dab enthusiast. Elevate your sessions, enjoy better airflow and taste, and make your dabbing process more effortless than ever.
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