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Meet your ultimate dabbing partner, HONEY SWABS! Our swabs are a dream come true for dabbing enthusiasts seeking a clean, smooth, and flavorful experience. Crafted from 100% biodegradable materials, these swabs feature a strong bamboo stick and densely wound cotton ends for maximum absorbency. With one pointed end and one rounded end, they're perfect for getting even the hardest to reach corners of your nail or bong. HONEY SWABS are no ordinary cotton swabs. Designed specifically for dabbers, these swabs help you clean up your nail after every use, preventing degradation and ensuring the best dabbing experience. Just finish your dab, let the rounded end soak up any leftover oil, and give the bottoms and sides of your nail or bong a good swipe. The pointed end is perfect for those tight spaces and tricky corners. If you've got stubborn stains, a touch of isopropyl alcohol on your HONEY SWAB will make it sparkle like new. As a bonus, these swabs aren't just great at their job, they're kind to the planet too. So, next time you dab, make sure you have HONEY SWABS on hand. They're the champion of bong and dab nail cleaning. Enjoy a clean dabbing experience that doesn't cost the earth.
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