HP150 Pulsar Shroom Dab Straw w/ Honeycomb Filter / 6.25"" / Colors Vary

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Introducing the HP150 Pulsar Shroom Dab Straw, a standout piece designed for the discerning user. Compact at 6.25 inches, this dab straw provides the smoothest of hits with its innovative honeycomb filter, which is not only efficient but also festooned with a unique mushroom decoration. It's all about durability and quality with a construction from hard-wearing borosilicate glass, able to withstand heat while preserving the pure flavor of your concentrates. This dab straw isn't just about functionality, it also stands for style and branding with the iconic Pulsar logo imprinted. Comes in a variety of vibrant colors, ensuring there's a style to match every preference. Adding to its appeal, each HP150 Pulsar Shroom Dab Straw is complemented by a matching felt storage pouch for secure storage and easy transport. Whether you're new to dabbing or an experienced connoisseur, this dab straw promises an unrivaled experience.
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