INNOVA Plus The Best Dab Cleaning ISO Station

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Looking to upgrade your dab clean-up process? This is where the INNOVA Plus, the best dab cleaning ISO Station, comes in! With INNOVA Plus, you get an ISO station designed to raise the game in dab clean-ups. It's built with plenty of side storage, perfect for holding all your tools and tweezers. And there's more - it comes with a unique cup that's excellent for soaking your pearls, pills, and marbles. Looking for a place to hold your 14mm glass stopper? We've got you covered! The 14mm side holder isn't just for the glass stopper; it can also hold any 14mm quartz piece. So, it's fantastic value all around! What's INNOVA Plus made from? Only the best - durable borosilicate glass. Worried about reaching your cleaning fluid with your swab? No need - our angled spout delivers easy access every time. And let's not forget about its whopping 40ml reservoir capacity. This powerhouse ISO Station can hold up to 40 swabs, which means more time dabbing and less time filling. But we're not done! The INNOVA Plus is also designed with an extra wide base for stability. Even when filled with tools, this ISO station won't tip over. That's not just convenience; it's peace of mind. Experience a higher level of dab clean-ups with the INNOVA Plus - the best dab cleaning ISO Station out there!
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