Interlocking Diamonds Etched Quartz Banger

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Discover the top-notch Interlocking Diamonds Etched Quartz Banger, made from 100% high-quality quartz. This remarkable banger stands out with its unique etched design of interlocking diamonds that infuses a chic aesthetic look into your dabbing routine. Featuring a 14mm male slide joint at a precise 90-degree angle, it's easily compatible with most standard smoking accessories. It's designed with a generous, thick-bottom bucket that brilliantly retains heat for a better smoking experience. This quartz banger emphasizes low temp cold start dab sessions, allowing you to fully savor your concentrates without any rush. The banger measures a comfortable 25mm outer diameter and 21mm on the inside, with a height of 35mm and a depth of 31mm. The perfect accompaniment to your smoking apparatus, the Interlocking Diamonds Etched Quartz Banger marries style, function, and durability!
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