Iridescent Teapot Cube Inline Rig - 9.5""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Introducing the stunning Iridescent Teapot Cube Inline Rig, an elevation of your traditional glass dab rig embodied with a unique aesthetic. Measuring at 9.5 inches with a 14mm female opening, this versatile piece is marked by its finely crafted 14mm male glass banger that guarantees a high-quality, robust usage. The exceptional design with a fixed down stem leading to an inline perc assures a smooth, refined smoking experience as it facilitates effective water filtration for a cleaner, purer intake. This rig boasts dual perc chambers, positioning it at the forefront of practical design whilst ensuring maximized smoke cooling for a phenomenal inhalation every time. What sets this rig apart is its extraordinary faux iridescent metallic accents that grace its exterior, offering an eye-catching display of shimmering colors that vary under different light angles. This artistic touch renders each use an immersive experience, making it not just a utilitarian tool but also a striking piece of decor. Please note that this product is strictly intended for legal herbal use only, and should not be used for tobacco or any illegal substances. In picking the Iridescent Teapot Cube Inline Rig, you're choosing superior construction, efficient performance, and mesmerizing style all in one.
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