Klear Kryptonite Water Pipe Cleaner

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Get your pipes sparkling clean in no time with the Klear Kryptonite Water Pipe Cleaner! This handy solution is perfect for cleansing your glass, metal, or ceramic pipes and tools swiftly, with results in just 30 minutes or less. Unlike other cleaners, Klear Kryptonite is a clay-based solution, which not only ensures effective cleaning but is also environmentally friendly. This EPA-approved cleaner is gentler on our planet than other products, helping reduce harmful impact on the environment. It's also worth highlighting that Klear Kryptonite is the first and only shake-free and water-soluble cleaner, assuring an efficient and fuss-free cleaning process. This superb cleaner gets rid of stubborn resin and goo from your smoke ware, leaving them spotless and ready for use. Every 270mL bottle of this American-made cleaner offers multiple uses and keeps your smoke ware in top condition. Choose Klear Kryptonite Water Pipe Cleaner for an easy, fast, and green cleaning solution!
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