Kromedome Enail and Electronic Nectar Collector - The Nomad

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Experience a whole new level of concentrate consumption with Kromedome's "The Nomad," your one-stop solution for all vaping needs. This 4-in-1 device is crafted innovatively to enhance your vaping experience, whether you dab for therapeutic purposes or enjoyment. The Nomad is not just a handheld vaporizer. It's much more than that. It functions as a cartridge battery, a cartridge-to-rig device, a portable e-nail, and a nectar collector. This means you won't need any other equipment for indulging in your preferred concentrates. This versatile device brings cleaner, quicker, and more powerful effects when dabbing with concentrated extracts. Give your vaping experience a fresh twist with The Nomad. Use it as a simple handheld vaporizer by attaching a 510-cartridge onto the battery with the spillproof mouthpiece. Take a rip and immerse yourself in the flavors of your concentrate. Elevate your vaping game by using The Nomad as a cartridge-to-rig device. Connect it to your oil rig's joint and relish your favorite concentrates and oils in a novel way. Got a busy lifestyle? The Nomad has got you covered. Switch it to a portable e-nail effortlessly using a few accessories. Load your concentrate, press the button to heat it up, and get ready to hit it. You can also transform The Nomad into an electronic nectar collector with the included quartz tip. Dip, dab, and sip to your heart's content, anywhere, anytime. The Nomad assures smooth vaping sessions with its auto heating function and self-cleaning ceramic coil. Complete with all you require to savor your best-loved concentrates, The Nomad is your ultimate travel buddy for all your vaping adventures.
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