Kromedome Full Weld Blender Quartz Banger Kit

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Looking to elevate your dab sessions? The Kromedome Full Weld Blender Quartz Banger Kit is your perfect companion. This complete kit includes a 14.5mm male-jointed banger made from high-quality quartz. One of its standout features is a bevel top designed specifically for an airtight seal when used with the marble-style carb cap that's included in the kit. The banger's walls are 2.5mm thick offering excellent heat retention, so you can enjoy your dab at a consistent temperature for longer. What's more, the kit also comes with 2 terp pearls that add a nice spin to your concentrates while you inhale, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable vapor. A grabber-style dab tool is also part of the package, designed to help keep your sessions clean and stress-free. The coolest part? Both the marble carb cap and the terp pearls included in this kit glow in the dark, bringing a unique and fun ambiance to your night sessions. Choose Kromedome Full Weld Blender Quartz Banger Kit and make every dab session a great one.
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