Kromedome Full Weld Double Cup Quartz Banger Kit

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Dive into the ultimate dab experience with the Kromedome Full Weld Double Cup Quartz Banger Kit. If your rig requires a 14.5mm female joint, this high-end kit is a perfect upgrade. Featuring a standout 14.5mm male-jointed quartz banger, it ensures a strong, secure connection. The grabber tool, included in this kit, makes it easy to place your heavy-duty slab of concentrate on the banger's bottom dish. Drop down the provided terp pearls, and watch them work their magic. As your concentrate touches them, it melts and moves into the inner orb, resulting in a full vaporization. This process boosts the flavour of your session, making every rip a memorable one. The kit comprises one quartz banger, one marble carb cap, one large terp pearl, two small terp pearls, and a beneficial dab tool. Packaged in a robust metal box with a secure lid, this quartz banger kit is travel-friendly. For those who love to dab in darker settings, the inclusion of glow-in-the-dark carb cap and terp pearls adds a touch of fun and excitement. With the Kromedome Full Weld Double Cup Quartz Banger Kit, elevate your dab game to new heights!
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