LA Pipes Bubble Base Concentrate Rig

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Introducing the LA Pipes Bubble Base Concentrate Rig, also known as the "Contemplative Gentleman" waterpipe. This striking 6-inch tall piece is meticulously handcrafted from clear borosilicate glass in sunny Los Angeles, California. LA Pipes prides itself on expert glass-blowing techniques that ensure solid welds for a durable, resilient construction. Our concentrate rig boasts a unique custom-made diffused down-stem along with a 14mm female ground joint, specifically designed to provide optimum filtration. Uniquely engineered with a bent neck design, it strategically distances the heat source from your face, ensuring each draw is a comfortable, enjoyable experience. Compact yet extremely functional, the LA Pipes Bubble Base Concentrate Rig proves to be an essential tool for all concentrate requirements. Whether you're resting at home, camping in the wild, relaxing by the poolside or journeying on a road trip, carry this masterpiece for that perfect hit every time. Made with thick-wall glass, this 6-inch (approximately) waterpipe delivers on durability and style. Included with your purchase is a 14mm quartz banger, expanding its usage for not just concentrates, but dry herbs as well. With its proud LA roots, the Bubble Base Concentrate Rig perfectly encapsulates the blend of high-quality craftsmanship and style that exemplifies our brand. Experience the difference with our USA-made, hand-blown waterpipe today.
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