LA Pipes Bubble Concentrate Waterpipe

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Discover the LA Pipes Bubble Concentrate Waterpipe, your perfect partner for a superior dabbing experience. Standing at approximately 6-inches, this versatile piece of craftsmanship can be used as a concentrate banger hanger, water pipe, oil rig or dab rig. Enjoy your concentrates in style with the custom-made fixed stem designed to provide excellent diffusion and smooth hits every time. Made by the distinguished LA Pipes, a trusted name in the industry based in Los Angeles, this Concentrate Waterpipe is a compact piece that never compromises on functional design. It features a bent neck design keeping the heat at a safe distance, ensuring you enjoy a comfortable and secure handling experience. This pipe comes fully equipped with a high-quality, durable 14mm quartz banger which is perfect for indulging in your favourite concentrates. Its portable nature makes it your ideal smoke companion, be it for home or travel. The Bubble Concentrate Waterpipe proudly showcases LA Pipes' eye for detail and demand for quality. Crafted with heavy-wall 26mm glass, a 90-degree 14mm female joint and enhanced with a Maria ring on the neck, this piece carries an aesthetic appeal sure to catch the eye of any concentrate enthusiast. Meet the delight of robust performance and top-notch quality with the LA Pipes Bubble Concentrate Waterpipe. Handmade in USA, this glass piece stays true to the brand's ethics of meeting and exceeding customer needs whilst holding strong ties with their valued customer base. Experience the LA Pipes' commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and superior functionality with this powerful concentrate banger hanger.
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