LA Pipes Classic Beaker Concentrate Rig

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Experience the timeless design and powerful functionality of the LA Pipes Classic Beaker Concentrate Rig. Standing at an impressive 8-inches tall, this versatile piece doubles as both an oil rig and a concentrate waterpipe. Featuring a durable 34mm heavy-wall glass construction, it effortlessly combines style and stability. This LA Pipes masterpiece ensures an unparalleled smoking experience, all thanks to the 14mm female ground joint and custom fixed diffused down-stem. Additionally, the unique ice pinch feature allows for much cooler and thereby smoother hits. Adorned with a gathered mouthpiece, the Classic Beaker Concentrate Rig is not only pleasing to hold but is also crafted for longevity. Each sale comes with a 14mm quartz banger for concentrate lovers; however, the piece still caters to dry herb aficionados. Simply add any 14mm male bowl to effortlessly switch up your style. Standing approximately 6 inches tall with a 90° ground 14mm female joint and a 34mm diameter heavy-wall glass, the Classic Beaker Concentrate Rig doesn't compromise on quality. It's as sturdy as it is satisfying to use. The LA Pipes Classic Beaker Concentrate Rig is proudly handmade in Los Angeles, California. Embrace an extraordinary smoking experience and appreciate the exquisite blend of functionality and fashion this concentrate rig brings into your collection.
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