LA Pipes Compact Bent Neck Concentrate Waterpipe

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Unveiling the LA Pipes Compact Bent Neck Concentrate Waterpipe, an efficiently designed dab rig which is otherwise known as a concentrate waterpipe. Standing proudly at an approximate height of 6 inches, this compact and sleek pipe becomes an ideal ally for your unexpected journeys, effortlessly fitting into your lifestyle's pace. A perfect travel companion, this nifty device is efficiently designed to fit into your palm, promising your comfort as you use it as a regular. It masters the art of combining style with practicality, featuring a curved neck. Not only does it enhance the pipe's aesthetic appeal, but it also serves a critical function of keeping the heat away from your face. This thoughtful design detail eliminates the risk of burning your nose, ensuring safe and enjoyable smoking sessions. The LA Pipes Compact Bent Neck Concentrate Waterpipe comes with an included quartz 14mm male banger, expertly made to cater to your preferences by being suitable for concentrates. For users who prefer dry herbs, the quartz banger can also accommodate lower-temperature materials by simply fitting in any 14mm male bowl for greater versatility. This offers a varied and convenient smoking experience, allowing you to enjoy your downtime however you prefer. This 6-inch pipe will impress you with it's 90° ground 14mm female joint and a 34mm diameter heavy-wall glass that makes sure you get nothing but high-quality smoke from every session. Each part of the pipe is designed to promote efficiency, longevity, and enjoyment. Proudly handmade in the USA, this LA Pipes Compact Bent Neck Concentrator Waterpipe represents the spirit of the vibrant city of Los Angeles, promising all connoisseurs a taste of the finest artisanal craftsmanship. In essence, the LA Pipes Compact Bent Neck Concentrate Waterpipe, also dubbed as the "Bottle Rocket," stands as not just a smoking apparatus but a promising companion ensuring versatility, safety, and ultimate convenience, right in the palm of your hand.
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