Mini All-In-One Quartz Dab Rig / Angle Cut Banger

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Discover the perfect solution to your dabbing needs with the Mini All-In-One Quartz Dab Rig / Angle Cut Banger. Compact yet efficient, this dab rig measures a convenient 5 inches in height, making it the ultimate portable tool for enjoying your preferred concentrates. Despite its miniature size, it delivers all the functionality of its larger counterparts, ensuring an optimal dabbing experience every time. Constructed entirely from high-quality quartz, this mini dab rig guarantees durability and longevity, along with perfect heat resistance for safe dabbing. The product features a fixed-in-place, precise angle cut banger, a design element that is particularly effective when used with a flat-top, directional carb cap. In addition, the dab rig comes complete with an integrated downstem diffuser. This facilitates a smoother, cleaner hit by filtering your vapor through water. The impeccable fusion of sophisticated features promises a remarkable dabbing session, enhancing your enjoyment and satisfaction. Choose the Mini All-In-One Quartz Dab Rig / Angle Cut Banger for a superior, uncomplicated, and streamlined concentrate consuming experience.
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