Mini All-In-One Quartz Oil Rig - 5"" / Opaque Bottom Banger

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Experience a potent and flavorful smoke session with the Mini All-In-One Quartz Oil Rig - 5" Opaque Bottom Banger. This premium oil rig stands at 5 inches tall, providing a compact yet highly effective solution for your herbal needs. Constructed from durable quartz material, it boasts longevity and exceptional heat resistance to withstand your intense smoke sessions seamlessly. The integrated opaque bottom banger, a standout feature, allows for optimal heat retention and flavor enhancement. This ensures a smoother, cleaner, and fuller taste with every inhale. Please note, this oil rig is created exclusively for legal herbal use and is strictly not intended for tobacco consumption. Upgrade your smoking paraphernalia with our Mini All-In-One Quartz Oil Rig - 5" Opaque Bottom Banger for a superior and flavorful smoking experience.
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