Mini Hour Glass Oil Rig - 5.25"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Discover the Mini Hour Glass Oil Rig - a 5.25" high-quality dab rig with a 14mm female joint. This device portrays craftsmanship in every element, from its sturdy fixed downstem, a necessary element for optimal filtration, right through to its fantastic disc percolator, designed to create a smooth smoke with maximum flavor retention. To embellish this package, the oil rig also includes a 4mm thick Quartz banger nail, ensuring durability and long-lasting usage. Offered in a variety of colors (though colors can vary), this device not only serves utility but also a visual appeal. It's the perfect addition to your collection if you appreciate aesthetic versatility. Note that this oil rig has been meticulously tailored for legal herbal use only. Enjoy a supreme smoke session using the Mini Hour Glass Oil Rig - 5.25" / 14mm F, a foregrounded accessory built for those who appreciate quality, design, and effectiveness.
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