MJ Arsenal 45 Degree Full Weld Quartz Banger

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Introducing the MJ Arsenal 45 Degree Full Weld Quartz Banger, a remarkable addition to your cannabis consumption experience, designed solely with your satisfaction in mind. As we continue to strive for outstanding innovation, this product is a testament to our commitment to always go beyond the usual. Now available in 45-degree versions, this product is flawlessly matched with the MJA water pipe lineup. Crafted from premium Full Weld Quartz, this banger guarantees the highest degree of quality and toughness. Experience amplified air flow and stability for the smoothest inhales. With its 10mm male joint, you can expect a snug and secure fit with your MJA water pipe. The MJ Arsenal 45 Degree Full Weld Quartz Banger measures 3.5 inches by 1.5 inches, making it an optimal size to handle and maintain. Moreover, the bucket dimensions are crafted meticulously with an outer diameter of 22mm, a 16mm inner diameter, and a depth of 27mm. With these specs, it creates an environment for your concentrates to heat evenly and consistently. Enhance your ordinary consumption experience and experience the excellence of our MJ Arsenal 45 Degree Full Weld Quartz Banger. This is not just a purchase, it's an upgrade for your cannabis consumption lifestyle.
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