MJ Arsenal Flat Carb Cap

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Introducing the MJ Arsenal Flat Carb Cap, custom designed by popular demand for superior functionality and finesse. Assuredly unique, MJA is proud to bring you this highly-demanded directional carb cap, designed to elevate your vaping experience. Carefully designed by consumers, for consumers, this directional flow cap fits seamlessly with the MJA product line, enriching your session every time. This distinct carb cap also boasts broad compatibility, ensuring it will work effortlessly with most quartz nails and essential oil attachments. With an impressive 30mm width, the carb cap provides full coverage for a rich vaping experience. Embrace the extraordinary and elevate the ordinary with MJA. Designed with meticulous precision, the MJ Arsenal Flat Carb Cap has dimensions of 1in x 1.25in, making it conveniently compact and effortlessly portable. Experience the firsthand excellence of a product created with the consumer in mind with our distinctive MJ Arsenal Flat Carb Cap.
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