MJ Arsenal King Blunt Bubbler

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Experience the royal twist of smoking with our MJ Arsenal King Blunt Bubbler. Inspired by the popularity of The Martian® Bubbler, The King Bubbler channels the power of the Pharaohs of Giza, giving you the ultimate smoking experience. Embrace your inner Cone Pharaoh and enjoy every puff as the King would! What makes The King Bubbler unique is its double slit function that gives you a one-of-a-kind bubbler action. This feature fits perfectly with your favorite cones and rolled products. Plus, it comes with a frosted tip connection ensuring a secure, tight fit for your rolled treasures. But that's not all! The King Bubbler adds water filtration to your smoking session. The result? Smoother, cooler, and more enjoyable draws just like the Pharaohs used to have! Worried about spills? Our King Bubbler boasts a spill-resistant design for a mess-free and enjoyable session. The design also features an ergonomically placed carb hole. It's easy to hold for a natural grip and acts as both a standard and directional airflow carb cap. The King Bubbler is made of 100% Borosilicate Glass and measures just 2.25in x 2in x 1.55in, perfect for easy portability. What's in your delivery box? The King Bubbler, ready for royal sessions! Remember, all our products, including The King Bubbler, are intended and sold for legal uses only. Kingly smoking experiences are just a click away, and the reign of the King Bubbler is begging you to join. Long live the King!
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