MJ Arsenal Premium Full Weld Clear Quartz Banger

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Check out our MJ Arsenal Premium Full Weld Clear Quartz Banger, a fantastic new addition to our top-notch cannabis collection. We're always looking to kick your usage experience up a notch, and this full weld quartz piece does just that. It boasts a sleek design with maximum air flow and rock-solid stability, delivering an unmatched, superior consumption experience every time. The MJ Arsenal Quartz Banger comes with a 10mm male joint and a perfect pair of dimensions, 2.25in x 2.25in, guaranteeing a comfy and secure fit. Its bucket rocks an outer diameter of 22mm, an inner diameter of 16mm, and a depth of 32mm. Every detail is designed with user convenience and enjoyment in mind. Why settle for the ordinary when you can elevate with our Premium Full Weld Quartz offerings? Start exploring your MJ Arsenal Quartz Banger today for that extraordinary experience. We're super excited for you to give it a try.
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