MJ Arsenal Turbine Mini Rig - 6""/10mm F

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Introducing the MJ Arsenal Turbine Mini Rig - 6"/10mm F, an outstanding piece of cannabis accessory meticulously designed to enhance your dabbing experience. Perfect for aficionados seeking a compact yet efficient setup, this miniature dab rig kit stands 6 inches tall, easily fitting your varying lifestyle. Appreciate the work of fine craftsmanship revealed through our intricate glasswork, demonstrating that there's no compromise on style or appeal, despite the rig's small size. The unique turbine perc is the centerpiece of the mini rig, creating a whirlwind of smooth and flavorful smoke before inhaling. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, the MJ Arsenal Turbine Mini Rig provides unparalleled durability and heat resistance, ensuring your smoking sessions are never interrupted. But that's not all, to elevate your dabbing ritual into pure artistry, this compact kit also includes dab tool & a carb cap - the two essential accessories for achieving perfect dabs every time. Furthermore, each mini rig kit is equipped with a robust 10mm male quartz banger, enhancing the overall user-friendly experience for dab enthusiasts. In essence, the MJ Arsenal Turbine Mini Rig - 6"/10mm F embraces functionality, aesthetics, and sheer quality, promising you a superior and memorable dabbing experience every time you light up. Ensure you don't compromise on your dabbing gear by opting for our mini rig kit, where compact meets quality.
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