Oil Can Disc Perc Rig - 8"" / 14mm F / Colors Vary

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Indulge in the highest level of smoking experience with the Oil Can Disc Perc Rig. Boasting an impressive height of 8 inches, this carefully crafted rig features sturdy Borosilicate glass construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and remarkable durability. What gives this smoking rig its outstanding efficiency is the 14mm male banger included, which makes it ideal for different types of concentrates, giving you a versatile smoking experience. The Oil Can Disc Perc Rig flaunts a unique style with various color options, offering a great addition to any smokers' collection. Expect well-filtered and smooth hits every time thanks to its Matrix Percolator, designed to filter your smoke to perfection. This feature enhances the taste and aroma of your favorite concentrates, adding to the overall pleasure of your smoking sessions. Discover the ultimate in smoking satisfaction with the Oil Can Disc Perc Rig - 8" / 14mm F / Colors Vary, your premium partner for solid, consistent hits.
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