Piecemaker Karb Kap Silicone - 30mm / Colors Vary

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The Piecemaker Karb Kap Silicone - 30mm is an excellent addition to your collection for a superior vaping experience. Embodying a finely crafted 30mm diameter, this carb cap fits perfectly on your accessory whilst ensuring a smooth and easy-to-control airflow, making it pivotal for low temperature dabs. Its innovative design can revolutionize your vaping session, providing the ideal conditions for impressive cloud production and flavor preservation. This carb cap is made from resilient silicone, trusted for its durability and heat resistance, guaranteeing long-term usage and easy cleaning. With a variety of vibrant and fun colors available, it can add a splash of personality to your set up, but please note that colors can vary. A must-have if you enjoy legal herbal concentrates, it’s not designed for any form of tobacco use. Get your Piecemaker Karb Kap Silicone - 30mm and taste the difference today.
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