Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig

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Experience the ultimate in portability and functionality with the 3.5" Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig. This state-of-the-art silicone oil rig is compact and versatile, with the unique ability to store all its components within its body. It features a 14mm male glass banger nail and a diffused downstem for robust diffusion and flavor enhancement. Also included is a removable mouthpiece that boosts convenience during cleaning or replacement, a dabber for precise concentrate handling, and a concentrate container that keeps your precious concentrates safe and hygienic. Thanks to its smart dimensions of 3.25"x3.5", it nestles comfortably in your hand, enhancing your dabbing experience with unmatched comfort. This dab rig is built to withstand heat and high usage. It boasts a food-grade silicone body, ensuring both safety and durability. Plus, it comes with a sturdy stainless steel cap offering protection and extended service life. What's more? The Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig is not only about performance but it also brings a dash of style to your dabbing sessions. Available in a variety of cool, assorted colors, this sleek oil rig adds flair to every dab sesh. Colors are subject to current inventory. So, why wait? Take your dabbing game to a whole new level with the Piecemaker Kube Dab Rig – a fusion of practical design, robust performance, and stylish aesthetics.
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