Portable Silicone Dab Travel Kit

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Get ready to enjoy your favorite concentrates wherever you are with our Portable Silicone Dab Travel Kit. This handy package includes everything you need to dab on the go, sans torch. You'll find a durable 4.5 inch silicone dab straw with a cover and sturdy 14mm titanium tip tucked inside - perfect for precise and easy usage. The kit also comes with not one, but two silicone dab containers, making it easy to carry your concentrates safely and discreetly. To assist your dabbing experience, there's a handy 5 inch metal dab tool included. All these essential tools can be secured neatly in the elastic mesh pocket or the zippered pocket inside the case - so there's no need to worry about losing anything. The case is padded for extra protection, and zips securely to keep everything comfortably in place. Plus, this travel kit is compact enough to fit in a purse or backpack, making it extra convenient. Please note, though the quality is consistent, the colors of the items in the kit you receive may vary from those pictured. With our Portable Silicone Dab Travel Kit, you'll be ready to enjoy your concentrates in no time - no matter where you are.
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