Pulsar 6-in-1 Universal Titanium Nail / 20mm

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Experience ultimate dabbing with the Pulsar 6-in-1 Universal Titanium Nail / 20mm. Perfectly designed to fit nearly all dab rigs, this nail promises to deliver impressive rips every time. It's made from high-quality Grade 2 titanium, ensuring durability and longevity. No matter what size your joint is, this universal nail is made to fit all. Whether your setup requires 10, 14, or 19mm size, its unique capability allows it to fit both male and female joints effortlessly. This feature makes it a versatile tool in any dabbing enthusiast's kit. Need a replacement for your Pulsar premium eNails? Look no further. This titanium nail also serves as a perfect replacement, maintaining the high-quality performance of your eNails. In addition to its universal fit and replacement capabilities, the Pulsar 6-in-1 Universal Titanium Nail / 20mm features a Grade 2 Titanium body and dish. This not only contributes to its robust and sturdy feel but also ensures a safe and flavorful experience. In short, the Pulsar 6-in-1 Universal Titanium Nail / 20mm is truly a one-stop solution for all your dabbing needs. It's universal, durable, and versatile — making your dabbing experiences effortless and enjoyable.
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