Pulsar All in One Station Dab Rig V4 - 7.5""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Expand your herbal experience with the Pulsar All in One Station Dab Rig V4. Standing at 7.5 inches tall, this 14mm female dab rig is a game-changer in the world of herbal consumption. Robust borosilicate glass ensures durability and longevity. With a 12-arm tree percolator, this dab rig delivers smoother, cleaner hits for a superior experience. Convenience is key – it features smart storage for your dab tool, cleaning buds, and isopropyl alcohol, enabling a clean, organized session. It comes with a 14mm male quartz banger included, assuring you have all you need for your herbal journey. Note that colors may vary, bringing a sense of surprise with every purchase. Please be informed that this dab rig is intended for legal herbal use only and not for tobacco. Empower your herbal journey with Pulsar All in One Station Dab Rig V4!
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