Pulsar Apex Shroom Dab Rig - 6.75""/14mm F/Colors Vary

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Indulge in an unmatched experience with the Pulsar Apex Shroom Dab Rig, designed with an innovative mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Standing 6.75 inches tall, this cone-top dab rig is an essential tool for any avid connoisseur. The unique novelty mushroom cluster percolator steals the show, delivering filtered, smooth, and flavorful results every time. An angled mouthpiece offers ergonomic comfort during use, while the high-quality borosilicate glass construction enhances durability, ensuring long-term use. The Pulsar Apex Shroom Dab Rig also comes with a 14mm male banger, the perfect size for a wide variety of uses. The colors vary, adding a dash of thrill as you anticipate the color your rig will display. A disclaimer: this rig is intended for legal herbal use only and not for tobacco. Experience the difference in your dab sessions with the Pulsar Apex Shroom Dab Rig. Expect superior results and savor the quality that resonates with your lifestyle.
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