Pulsar APX Wax V3 Bubbler Attachment

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Discover a whole new vaping experience with the Pulsar APX Wax V3 Bubbler Attachment. This premium quality accessory turns your beloved APX Wax V3 vape into a potent, easy-to-carry rig. Crafted from durable boro glass, our bubbler attachment ensures a lasting vaping venture. What sets it apart is its unique honeycomb perc design, that enhances your vaping experience by providing smooth and flavor-rich hits every time. Its compact and spill-resistant form is a great add-on for your wax vape helping you enjoy vape sessions without any spills or messes. Compatible with APX Wax V3 and its previous versions, this bubbler attachment is your go-to tool for a potent and smooth vaping delight. Transform your ordinary vaping sessions into extraordinary with the Pulsar APX Wax V3 Bubbler Attachment. Aesthetically pleasing and high-performing, it's all you need to take your vaping to the next level.
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