Pulsar Barb Fire H2O Bubbler Replacement - 6.5""

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Boost your Pulsar Barb Fire H2O experience with our 6.5-inch replacement bubbler. This isn't just any bubbler; it's expertly crafted from borosilicate glass known for its resilience and durability. The piece also features a professionally placed slitted downstem, which ensures a smoother and more enjoyable herbal experience through even dispersal of smoke. As a replacement part for your Pulsar Barb Fire H2O, this bubbler is a perfect fit, seamlessly replacing your older piece or stepping in when you want a switch up. The height of the piece, 6.5 inches, offers adequate space for smoke cooling and filtration for a more balanced, flavorful profile. Note: This bubbler is solely for legal herbal use and not intended for tobacco use, ensuring that you adhere to all laws and regulations regarding its use in your area. Upgrade, enhance and enjoy your Pulsar Barb Fire H2O Bubbler Replacement - 6.5" today.
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