Pulsar Barrel Heater Coil / 20mm

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Upgrade your vaping experience with the Pulsar Barrel Heater Coil / 20mm - a high-quality device designed to ramp up your eNail's capabilities. This feature-packed Barrel Heater Coil is exclusively crafted to work with the Pulsar Elite eNail. Need a swift and solid connection? No worries! It comes with a 5-pin quick connector, ensuring an easy yet sturdy setup. On top of that, it snugly fits 14mm titanium nails. With a cord length of a convenient 5 feet (1.524 m), you get to enjoy a relaxed vaping session without feeling confined. Today, step into a new realm of vaping comfort and efficiency with the Pulsar Barrel Heater Coil / 20mm. Revolutionize your eNail experience now.
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