Pulsar Chess Pawn Dab Rig Set - 5.75""/14mm F / Colors Vary

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Introducing the Pulsar Chess Pawn Dab Rig Set - a unique fusion of function and style! This standout kit is 5.75 inches tall, the perfect compact size for portability and easy storage. Fashioned from high-grade borosilicate glass for optimal durability, this dab rig set is designed to last. Shaped to commemorate one of the untamed strategists in a chess set, this dab rig flaunts a distinctive pawn design for the collectors and enthusiasts. One of the key features of the kit is the fixed downstem, intelligently designed to provide you with clean, smooth hits every time. To enhance your dabbing experience further, this dab rig set also includes a 14mm quartz banger, known for its superior heat resistance and smooth delivery. But, the unique features don't stop there. Included in the set is a matching chess pawn vortex carb cap, an accessory that serves as the cherry on top of your dabbing experience. With its help, you can control the airflow and optimize the dabbing temperature, thus ensuring that absolutely no concentrate gets wasted. The Pulsar Chess Pawn Dab Rig Set comes in various colors too, providing you with the option to pick one that suits your style the best. For a distinctive, high-quality dabbing set that beautifully combines design and functionality, look no further than the Pulsar Chess Pawn Dab Rig Set - 5.75""/14mm F in varied colors. It’s the perfect blend of aesthetics, quality, and performance in your hands. This dab rig set will surely enhance your dabbing experience while serving as a unique gadget in your collection.
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